Never forget another appointment, errand or pie in the oven again!

Simple, clean design

This helpful reminder app keeps it clean and simple with a soothing design. We keep it simple and skip the extra visual clutter or extraneous features that you don't need.

Reliable yet flexible

Even more importantly, it does the job it needs to do - reminding you of your important tasks and responsibilities. It's simple, convenient, flexible and most importantly, reliable.

Customized for the way you live

This app fits into your lifestyle by utilizing simple features, such as reliable notifications and a pleasing audible nudge. Set up reminders for your most important tasks and then forget about it. We'll help you remember the important stuff!

Don't forget to check out our other apps in the App Store, such as Map Trek, Wonders of Old and Medieval Life, geared for the family that loves to learn with this exciting technology.

  • Map Trek: Ancient World shows maps of what the world was like during the Ancient time period, along with descriptions of events that happened there and photos of artifacts, ruins and what it looks like today.
  • Wonders of Old: Ancient Timeline displays a scrolling timeline highlighting events from Ancient history on five continents.
  • Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline displays both spiral and scrolling timelines which highlight events from Medieval history.
  • Explore the Medieval world with the sights and sounds of our newest app - Medieval Life. The Middle Ages come to life in the palm of your hand.


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